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Prospects Improve is one of the country’s leading school and academy improvement service providers. We have an expert team of experienced and skilled staff who have undertaken a range of work to support schools and academies on their journey of self improvement.

Over the past two years we have worked in support of over 1000 schools across the country providing dedicated, bespoke professional development training and support alongside a wider variety of school and academy improvement courses…Read more

Sean O’Toole, Head of Prospects Improve

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View our recent NAHT video – The Journey of Transformation


We were delighted to be featured in the recent NAHT video ‘ The Journey of Transformation’ that discusses the approach Prospects Improve takes to working in partnership with schools and academies to provide you with the additional capacity you need to provide a robust, sustainable programme of self-improvement.

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    National Curriculum 2014 — In a nutshell

    In September 2014, a new national curriculum for primary schools is being introduced. It is intended to reduce prescription, ‘encouraging teachers to use their professional judgement and expertise to design the curriculum’, allowing schools to tailor their curriculum to local circumstances more flexibly. It also aims to help performance in the middle years of primary [...]